We know that your shipping container building is something unique, not a duplicate of someone else’s dream  Living in shipping containers is not just a theoretical concept to us, but a lived reality, and we aim to give you the same exciting opportunity to create your own unique experience. It is about creating alternative living spaces.  About moving beyond conventional building.  About a creative building process.   


We work in a flexible manner and include the following:

Design sketches (including 3D sketches)

Source & select suitable containers

Appropriate footings for containers (determined by the specific site & the design of the building)

Transportation of containers & placement on site


Draftsman or Architect 

Turn-key conversion of containers including:

* Cut out & framing for open space, windows & doors

* Cleaning, priming & painting of containers with specialised paint

* Structural support (when required)

* Joining of containers on site (when required)

* Interior walls and division of floor space

* Bathroom

* Kitchen

* Interior & exterior finishes 

* Insulation (in accordance with the energy requirements of SANS 10400 XA)

* Windows & doors

* Security shutters or roller doors, burglar bars etc.

* Floor finishes 

* Plumbing (including certificate of compliance by registered plumber)

* Electricity (including certificate of compliance by registered electrician)

* Geyser (conventional, solar or gas)

Roofing solutions (including green roofs)

Additional options which can be included as part of the process:

* Kitchen design

* Cupboards & shelving

* Window blinds

* Air-conditioning

* Decking

* Rainwater harvesting & grey water systems

* Off-the-grid (or grid-tie) solar solutions

* Fireplace


We offer you an integrated service team with plenty of experience in their respective fields: