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Walk the green talk

We are serious about being environmentally friendly and eco-conscious.  We are committed to practicing what we preach and to walking the green talk.  In so doing, we believe we have a responsibility to share our learnings and understanding.

How green is your green?

"Green" is often used as a catch-all phrase to mean many things related to the environment.  But what does it actually mean to be green?  There are three main aspects to consider when thinking about the greenness of products or materials:

* Where does the material or product come from?

* What is the environmental impact while you are using the product or material?

* What happens with the material or product when it comes to the end of its life?

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How local is your local?

One of the cornerstones of using eco-friendly products and materials is to buy local.  Local is lekker is often said, but how far away qualifies as local? 

Using locally produced building materials and products shortens transport distances, thereby reducing air pollution and the carbon footprint of air, road or rail freight. Often, local materials are better suited to climatic conditions and they support the growth of local economies.

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Typology of products

How do you decide which building product or material to buy?  Building-related products can roughly be divided into three categories as a way to increase consumer awareness about what we buy.  

* Building products that are manufactured from recycled materials are the greenest option.

* The second best green option would be products that are manufactured from the by-products of natural resources that were previously mined, extracted or harvested.

* The least favourable option would be products that are manufactured from natural resources that are mined, extracted or harvested for this specific purpose.

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Green consumers

By empowering home owners, commercial developers and building professionals (e.g. architects, builders, painting contractors, project managers, draftsmen etc.) to be more eco-conscious about building materials and products, we empower a range of people to become green consumers.

In deciding which building product or material to buy, at least four environmental aspects should be considered.

* The origin of the material used to manufacture the product.

* The environmental impact of the material or product while you use it.

* The degree to which a product or material is durable, i.e. the environmental impact of maintenance.

* Where will the product or material end its life, i.e. rubbish, recycled, re-used or re-purposed?

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