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Our Services 

We provide home owners, commercial developers and building professionals (e.g. architects, draftsmen, developers, project managers, builders, painting contractors etc.) with easy access to information and advice about environmentally friendly (green) products and materials for building, renovation, maintenance and painting.

Here's how it works:

  • You make contact with us and we discuss the project (big or small) and what you need. 
  • We advise you about alternative eco-friendly products and materials that are suitable for your project. 
  • We provide you with all the relevant information and technical specifications about the products or materials.
  • We help you make an informed decision about what to use.
  • If required, we help to manage the project on your behalf.


Finding green products and materials

Finding green products and materials

Contact us to find out how we can help you to get the right green products or materials for your project.

As a member of the Green Building Council of South Africa, we are your gateway to relevant tools, knowledge and networks aimed at promoting green building practices.  We believe in sharing knowledge and best practice.  We would be glad to undertake research to find the right answers to your questions related to green building practices. 

We can provide you with a practical framework to ensure that various aspects of your project adhere to green building principles:

  • How the project is managed, especially with reference to waste management.
  • The indoor environment, including aspects such as thermal control and hazardous materials.
  • The energy and water efficiency of the building.
  • The use of building materials such as steel, timber, recycled material etc.
  • The impact of the building on the surrounding natural environment.
  • Possible emissions and pollution.
  • Green innovations that may impact positively on your project.

Your doorway to the GBCSA

Your doorway to the GBCSA

Contact us to find out how we can help you access valuable green building information.


We can help you find the right contractor for the jobFindMeGreen works closely with a number of experienced, professional and trusted service providers. 

If we won't use them, we won't recommend them! 

Environmentally Aware Service Partners

FindMeGreen is happy to be associated with environmentally aware service providers.


Finesse Painting is conscious of the impact of paint on the environment.  They use Dulux products, including the Dulux Trade Ecosure Range, and the Plascon Ecokind range including Professional Evolution, Natural Deck Coating and RemovALL.  Contact them at 082 713 5000.

Goukou Irrigation solves challenges related to water in an environmentally aware way (including rainwater harvesting, irrigation, well points and boreholes) .  Contact them at

Zero 2 One Plumbing & Gas is passionate about grey water harvesting.  Contact them at