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Asking "what does a shipping container home cost" is like asking how long is a piece of string?  Various factors determine the project costs.

1. Site preparation

What does the site look like where you want to place the container house?  Is it accessible to large trucks and a crane?  Is there a noticeable gradient?

We provide advice about accessibility, the extent of site preparation that will be required, the footings on which the containers will be placed etc.

2. Number and size of boxes

How many square meters of floor space do you want?  

We provide you with design and lay-out options to maximize your required floor space.  Taking into account your needs, we provide you with draft design sketches (some of them in 3-D). 

3. Transport

Where will the boxes be transported to?  Transport costs are influenced by the distance from Cape Town as well as the number of trucks that will be required - which is determined by the floor space that you want. 

4. Design and lay-out (conversion required)

What kind of design do you have in mind?  How do you want to organize the interior of your container home?  What should the exterior of the containers look like? 

We help you to visualize the available space that the shipping containers will create as your home.  We provide you with options for a roof, windows and doors, internal walls, insulation etc. 

 5. Finishes

What kind of finishes do you want?

We provide options and advice about floor finishes, interior wall finishes, cladding, bathroom and kitchen finishes, lights etc.    


6. Extras

Do you have additional requirements such as rain water harvesting, a grey water system, alternative energy (e.g. solar or wind) etc. 

We make sure to incorporate any extra requirements that you may have.  In addition, we can provide you with green, sustainable material and product options. 

7. Services

Keep in mind that your project will require some degree of services such as water, electricity and sewerage that will impact the overall project costs.

We can provide you off-the-grid options for water and electricity.  Apart from our core team we have an extended network of providers for painting; electrical work; plumbing; irrigation, pumps and water tanks; grey water systems; carpentry; building etc.