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Cool Boxes! offers you the expertise of a professional team that can help you realize your dream of living in a shipping container home.  It is not just a theoretical concept, but a lived reality - having dedicated 18-months to researching, conceptualizing, designing, building and now living in my own shipping container house. 

Cool Boxes! is about creating alternative living spaces using re-purposed shipping containers.  It is based on my lived experiences of crossing the line between conventional building and a building process steeped in alternative options, while all the time making the linkages with more sustainable, eco-friendly choices.

Our experienced service team can guide you through the process of putting your ideas and concepts into a design, submitting municipal council plans, matching your spatial needs with shipping containers, clarifying interior design and lay-out options, and providing advice about complimentary building materials (including green building options) to ensure that your fantasy becomes a reality.

Have a look at an outline of the most common costs associated with a shipping container project, as well as frequently asked questions about building with shipping containers.


If the truth be told, I fell in love with shipping containers very quickly. There are millions of secondhand shipping containers in the world. (Some put the figure at 30 million!) For me the fact that I took 7.5 tons of steel out of the environment and re-used it was important.

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